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Razz Bartending, short for Razzmatazz Bartending, is owner operated business located in Greenville, SC. We are here to bring the meaning of its name to every event. Our bar services will make an impressive, exciting, GREEN and unforgettable event for our clients. Our motto is to provide a customized service and crafted taste that only convey convenience and enjoyment for our clients and all of the guests. With over 10 years of experience in the service industry, and  a well prepared and professional staff, Razz Bartending is always ready to serve Greenville, SC and its surroundings. One of our goals is to also conserve the GREEN in Greenville. This is why we also want to make your event's bar service friendly to Nature by bringing our own containers to encourage your guests to recycle any plastic, paper products and cans.  


Bartending Services in Greenville SC. Catering joy and happinees using mobile bar to weddings, events and parties
Two bartenders enjoy a trip to Madrid in a park. Marriage couple ready to serve beer, wine, alcohol to guests at weddings, parties, private events
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